Windows PC Power Management Made Easy

The more PCs an Organisation has the more energy and money it wastes

With TaskForceCO2 you can put a stop to this needless cost, automatically shut down PC's and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

When a PC is left on it can waste up to 70p per night. 70p doesn’t sound a lot but if 25, 50 or 100 PCs are left on, every night of the Year, that can quickly add up to £25,000 or more of pure waste.



TaskforceCO2 is an intelligent Power Management product for Windows Networks. Once the software is installed the Power Console makes it easy to decide what power schemes to apply to PCs and Groups. You can wake up PC’s in the morning and define multiple power schemes throughout the day, and finally shut down any PC’s that are left turned on overnight. Believe in Climate change or not, reducing CO2 reduces costs. TaskforceCO2 will show you the average savings for both!

Start the Day on time

PC's can be configured to start up automatically before staff arrive or lectures begin, saving time waiting for PC's to boot up. Experience shows that having a workstation ready when you come into the office can help boost productivity, People can spend a day every year waiting for old computers to boot up if they are ready beforehand that could be more than just power cost savings.

Save throughout the Day

As staff are away from their PC’s you can configure the system to safely suspend their PC’s after a certain amount of time, for example workstations left on while in meetings and over lunchtimes could add up over the course of the working week.

End the day Knowing PC's are shutdown

Even if Doris from marketing forgets to turn off her powerful graphics design workstation, you can rest safe knowing that TaskforceCO2 will be checking when the PC is inactive and ask it to shut down safely, reducing wear and tear of the PC and saving money for the business.


Key features of the product

Easy Install

Install the software on a Windows Server or Virtual and start saving the same day.

Find your PCs with Active Directory, Network Neighbourhood or IP Range

Choose Organisational Units, your own Groups or Existing Groups

Install Server Service on default or preferred Port

Server Service takes over in background

Install Clients on PCs automatically or manually

Change Conversion rates for reporting of average CO2 and Financial Savings

Easily Create Power Schemes

Set multiple power schemes for different departments and groups of PC's

Organisation closed at Weekends? – One Click Scheme setup to apply a scheme to weekends only

Closing Monday for a Bank Holiday? – Set your Scheme to take advantage of savings on specific days

Need to do some windows updates? Use the TaskForceCO2 Wake on Demand feature

Full support for hibernate means you never lose your work

Design Power Schemes with multiple shut down, Hibernate and Wake Ups

Deploy instantly to PCs or Groups of PCs in one go

Extra Features

Extra Features Help you maximize on Savings!

Repeat Task function allows you to shut down a PC if it is turned back on after the first shut down

Visible shut down warning gives users a notice of imminent shut down

Choose to only execute Scheme if User is Logged off

Digital Display Timer allows users to monitor shut down time and delay with keyboard press

Multiple Reports and Full Reporting on average Financial and CO2 reductions, Extract CSV or print reports


Works on Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016

Suitable for business, charity and School usage

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TaskForceCO2 prices are per Year or on a Lifetime Basis and included all updates and support. - For Multisuite Prices Contact US

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Per PC per Year


Minimum 10 PC License-Simply Select the Quantity required in batches of 10 and the price will update. Please note – it may be more cost effective to purchase an Ultimate Unlimited License depending on number of PC Licenses required.

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TaskForceCO2 Ultimate School Licence


Completely Unlimited School Single Site Licence - Covers ANY number of PCs at One School - Lifetime Licence-Lifetime Upgrades - Lifetime Support

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Lifetime Single Site License


TaskForceCO2 Unlimited Site Licence - Licence-Covers ANY number of PCs at One Office - Lifetime Upgrades - Lifetime Support - For Multisuite Prices Contact US



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