PC Monitoring in the office or working remotely at home

Have you wondered how your PC's are being used ? are staff making the best use of time ? PC Monitor PRO has the answers. Monitor real time usage track all employee activities

The average UK office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes out of the working day... "Vouchercloud Report 2016"



With our cloud based monitoring solution you can remotely monitor by department, or individual users. you can monitor employees that are off the corporate network or working remotely at home.. you can play back video of someones entire day.. Knowledge is Power and with PC MONITOR PRO you get both!

Record Screenshots

PC Monitor Pro will record screenshots as users are active in programs, activities can be opened and will display what was happening on the screen at that time, more than one monitor ? no problem the system records all screens and can even play the day back in a video like format!

Capture Application activities

Captures all application usage to provide detailed reporting on what applications are open, being actively used, and for how long, you can add your own application categories to report on in house applications or any found on the PC.

Keyboard Logging

Keylogging is a necessary tool for a company or individual to see and protect its sensitive data, logging mouse and keyboard movememnts will show you excactly what was done and typed, along with time stamps and screencapture it can provide just the evidence you need.


Key features of the product

PC MONITOR PRO is a multi-user, multi-PC, Microsoft Windows Monitoring solution, a small agent is installed on your PC estate which sends data encrypted to our admin portal, here you can define access rights, categories and much more.


The Dashbaord is the heart of the application, here you will find active Users/PC's Departments, Devices, Employees, Categories and all the software found on the network

Create departments and move users into the groups

Search and view Devices

Search and view Employees over multiple devices

Create custom categories for software and websites

Find software and the devices where it is installed

Add users e.g. HR staff

PC and User Activity

Data from the PC's is uploaded at regular intivals, a few minutes after installation the data will be availible to view, here you can see the applications opened, time, device, category, duration of the activity and screenshots

Powerful Search

Keypresses and Mouse clicks

Application and web activity

Screen Video playback

Installed Software

PC Hardware information


PC MONITOR PRO is consistantly being worked on, new features and monitoring capabilities will be added, our aim is to make this software the best on the market. below are further features already possible to monitor in the system more to come!

File Movememnt


webmail recording

Productivity Tracking

Social Media

Instant Messaging

Suitable for individual home use

The software can be used for monitoring children/Partners at home



PC MONITOR PRO's powerful features give you access to the data you need for any investigation.


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