Have you got the full facts on your Windows PC assets? Have you been asked to provide a Deployment Summary by Microsoft or another vendor? PC AUDIT PRO has the answers.



With PC AUDIT PRO deployed you will have the full facts on your IT assets and be able to answer questions instantly. At the same time you can banish potential risks and save money by finding over licensed software or software that’s no longer in use or in need of maintenance contracts. Knowledge is Power and with PC AUDIT PRO you get both!

Software and Hardware

Details on every single exe file and piece of sofware installed on your network, 1000's of Hardware specs captured from each PC.

Discover More Information

Find music files and the text contents of files, Registry key Values, ask your users custom questions at audit time. Create custom queries to filter your PC's

Agent-less Audits

Conduct Audits without installing anything on your network PC's, use the agent for on demand Auditing


Key features of the product

PC AUDIT PRO is a multi-user, multi-PC , Microsoft SQL Based Auditing application. Audit your PC's on the LAN or Remote Networks, Audit the hardware and software installed.

Audit Wizard

Using PC AUDIT PRO′s Audit Area Wizard you can define the complexity and details of your audit. You choose any additional user information to collect, what level of software and hardware to audit and any specific system file data, music, movies or other file types.Once you’ve decided on your audit configuration, you can audit PCs on demand at the click of a mouse by installing our Audit on Demand agent or with a simple alteration to the login script or group policy have users automatically audited when they login to the network. You can even stream the data back to a TCP/IP service, to allow for more restrictive networking environments for example a DMZ or secure set-up without file services. (Keep the Audit Hidden from the user) alternatively make it visible and even ask the users questions!

Conduct silent audits on demand

Ask Custom questions from dropdowns or free text

Audit Analysis and Reporting

Once your audit data has been collected and imported it is automatically calculated to give you your global totals. You will see the results of your entire windows network and can select any PC for analysis of installed Software, Software snapshot, Hardware and Licensing details. PC AUDIT PRO provides the functionality to set up multiple tab views of your PC estate. For example you may wish to view all PCs with Windows 10 in one tab with all Windows 7 PCs in a separate tab. Criteria views can easily be shared with other users and used for creating complex reports.

Create Data Tab Queries based on any Hardware or Software found

Use Data Tabs within the Built in Report Designer

Built in Licence Manager

No need for a seperate product, PC AUDIT PRO has a built in licence manager, tell the system what licences you have and the system will show you any shortfull.

Link Documents and Proof of Purchase recipts

Calculate costs and Track Renewal Dates

Licence Compliance Done!

Rest easy knowing that you have your software licencing under control.



PC AUDIT PRO's powerful features give you access to the data you need at your fingertips.


What our Client's Say

PC AUDIT PRO is used by thousands of customers, Schools / Universities, Public Services and Private Businesses


Best Pricing

Prices are on a subscription bassis annually, and included all updates and support.

Trial use 5 PC's


Register for a trial the system will audit up to 5 PC's

Best  Plan

Single Site use


for use at a single office - Unlimted PC's

Corporate Licence


for use at multiple Offices - Unlimited PC's



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