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Why should we use the software ?

The software helps your users stay focused knowing they are monitored can be enough to increase productivity it also safeguards your business from incidents like corporate fraud,having reports of the user logs, websites and applications used, keystrokes of each employee can give you the evidence you need in an investigation.

Is it Legal to monitor staff ?

Yes you can depending on your local laws. You need to ensure that staff are aware their activity is being monitored, we recommend that you have this defined in employee contracts and staff handbooks.

Does PC MONITOR PRO affect PC performance at all?

Not really there is some overhead. Up-to-date WINDOWS 10 and virus-free computers have no issues running PC MONITOR PRO. It should not slow down your system’s performance

Can I capture passwords with PC MONITOR PRO ?

Yes, you can capture, store and review all the keystrokes of the system.

If users at my company work on multiple Devices in multiple locations will PC MONITOR PRO work for me?

Yes, all you need to do is to install the agent on the systems, the Desktop client will begin reporting to your cloud-based admin panel where you can filter the Employee report based on their department or locations.

I have further questions, what can I do?

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